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Milan Design Week 2022 – “The Oculus Experience”

Living3D breaks down architectural barriers and reduces Co2 emissions to zero, allowing guests to observe distant locations remotely.

Duomo – Living3D the first to digitize the Cathedral

Walking through the Duomo's aisles, Terraces and Museum rooms has never been easier. The tour, created by Living3D, is available with the purchase of the Milano Duomo Card.

Increase Website Views

On top of just providing a 360 viewing experience for the customer, VR will strengthen a business’ web presence and positively affect the number of website views and duration of each site visit.

Increase Sales Numbers for your Car Dealership

The car-buying experience begins online. Learn how a virtual tour creates a unique experience for your customer and navigate the 3D model of a Lamborghini dealership.

Sell More Houses

By virtually listing properties, you speed up the entire negotiation process. Attract more qualified clients, genuinely interested in the properties.

3D for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Living3D automates the surveying and graphic rendering process to provide you with the materials you need to start your 2D and 3D design and processing activities.